Carol A. Madison Campus

548 South Ruby Lane

Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Tel: (618) 398-7500

Fax: (618) 394-9869


Pasta Fare & Petals Remembered

5900 North Illinois

Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Tel: (618) 632-9077

Fax: (618) 632-1446

Links: Pasta Fare & Petals Remembered

Belleville Campus

1306 Wabash Ave

Belleville, IL 62220

Tel: (618) 416-7100

Fax: (618) 234-8146




Susan Szekely-Executive Director
(618) 398-7500  Ext.226
Troy Metheny-Assistant Director/ Human Resources
(618) 398-7500  Ext. 227
Sandra Rodenberg-Educational Services Director/Principal
(618) 398-7500  Ext 237
Elise Fields-Dixon-Client and Family Support Services Director  
(618) 398-7500  Ext.203
Christina Haren-School/Family Liaison  
(618) 398-7500  Ext.303
Mia Stroter-Vocational Services Director
(618) 398-7500 Ext. 311
Rachel Newsome-Communications/Development Director
(618) 398-7500 Ext. 212
Cindy Guthrie-Event Planner
(618) 398-7500 Ext. 201

Joe Lust-QSP Service Facilitator

(618) 398-7500 Ext. 211

James Morgan-QSP Service Facilitator

(618) 398-7500 Ext 326

Steve Whitlatch-Transitional Coordinator

(618) 632—1446 Ext 206


Rights Under Title VI

The Illinois Center for Autism operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Any person who believes that she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with our agency.
Any such complaint must be in writing and filed with this agency within 180 days following the date of the alleged discriminatory occurrence. For information on our nondiscrimination obligations or how to file a complaint, please contact the Illinois Center for Autism by any of the methods listed below.

Corporate Compliance Officer
Illinois Center for Autism
548 S. Ruby Lane
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Phone: 618-398-7500
Fax: 618-394-9869

Click here to download Title IV complaint form