Hi everyone and welcome to ICA’s new BLOG! Pandemics, wildfires, hornets, hurricanes, tornadoes, and locusts – to say 2020 has been anything but horrendously eventful is certainly misleading.  When it’ time to break out the superpowers – ICA doesn’t miss a beat. Our services have never wavered during a time when the typical and necessary face-to-face services could not safely occur. We conquered our quest to take on with full force the world of technology and have feverishly continued, albeit, remotely, to provide necessary services, even outside the normal care, to our students, clients, and their families throughout the pandemic. We have met the challenges of remote learning in our school program – a task never before attempted by ICA. The pandemic and precautions surrounding COVID-19 have created confusion with our adult clients, who habitually report to work and/or a day training program where we foster ongoing communications, work, and social skills training, as well as teamwork and comradery. The superheroes that are our staff and our families have created a tag-team effort to keep all our adults and students engaged, aware, and processing this world-changing event, while at the same time, moving forward towards their individual life-goals. If nothing else, it seems we are all learning to lean on one another, enjoy the moments we have and simply be kind in everything we do because when it comes down to it, we are each other’s lifeline.