Thank You To Our Sponsors

Our Purpose at the Illinois Center for Autism is to serve people with autism. We are a not-for-profit , community-based, mental health treatment, and educational agency. The Illinois Center for Autism believes each individual is unique and defined by possibilities and not limitations. Individuals have the right to education, training and services specifically designed to meet his/her needs in the least restrictive environment.

Without the support of our generous contributors and donors, it would not be possible to maintain services to our clients, students and families. We greatly appreciate the communities we serve, and the continued support for the past 46 years. Thank you to the following individuals for their support.

D7 Roofing Services

Jim & Debra Shay

Congressman (Retired) Jerry & Dr. Georgia Costello


D. Brad Hill

Dr. Renner, Periodontics of Southern Illinois

George Obernagel

Judy Costello

181818 LLC

Allen & Reggie Kaisor

Latoya Greenwood

Ed & Joy Rick

Bruce & Gloria Holland

Gayle Ortyl

Gary & Cindy Guthrie

Ann Hatch

Thoman Insurance Agency

Senator Christopher Belt

Morgan Stanley, Paul Baeske

Auto Spa

Bill Courtney

Bonifield & Rosenstengel

Barcom Security

Mark Kern

Auffenberg Mazda

Keller Construction

Marion Behrman

Steve Wiggington

Olde World Jewelers