It is crucial for a family with a member who either participates or plans to participate in one of our programs to see first-hand our operation.

High School administrators, Universities, and Colleges seek the opportunity to tour our facility, learn about our techniques, and recommend interns to participate in one of our programs.

Our locations are also frequently visited and toured by our volunteers, our donors, and our organizational supporters. It’s important for each of these groups to not only know what we do but have an understanding of just how fundamental their support is.


Our volunteer program is certified by the United Way and provides varied opportunities for those anxious to “lend a helping hand”.

We maintain approximately 100 volunteers who participate in our fundraisers, in our classrooms and library, and at our special events.  It takes a very unique person to give of their time and a special effort to continue to do so.  We are extremely grateful to those who do.  Whether you prefer to sit back and read to a child, be hands-on at one of the many fundraising or special event opportunities, or be creative and/or industrious in an office or classroom atmosphere — we have a need for you!